7 Powerful Septic Tank Cleaning Products That Work

Here, we’ll be providing you with a list of septic tank cleaning products to try out. Not only will these help to clean your septic tank, but such products also help to extend the lifespan of your tanks, thus saving you expenses on possible repairs.

One of the most important parts of a septic system is the septic tank. This is the holding chamber for waste that is flushed from a household. The treatment process for sewage commences here. Now, each septic tank comes with an expected lifespan.

It is expected that such a tank will continue to function effectively within its anticipated timeframe. However, such may not be the case if it isn’t properly cared for.

A septic tank needs cleaning.

If you wonder if there are products to help you with this cleaning, the good news is yes!

Best Septic Tank Cleaning Products To Buy

In this section, our discussion will mostly focus on highlighting and briefly discussing some of the most effective septic tank cleaning products. There are several of these to choose from.

It’s totally up to you to decide which cleaning product(s) best serves your needs.

  • Doctor Drain

This non-corrosive formula comes in powdered form and not only helps to clean your septic tank but also prevents septic odors and backup. Doctor Drain can be used for cleaning or treating 1,500-gallon septic tanks.

One of the ways to obtain the best results with this septic tank cleaning product lies in knowing how to use it. Doctor Drain comes with use instructions written on it. It’s not difficult at all!

All you need to do is to tear the pack open and empty its entire contents into the toilet or sink and flush immediately.

  • Bioflush

For persons in need of an effective natural septic tank cleaning solution, BioFlush is the product to trust. This septic tank cleaner offers a wide range of solutions such as the prevention of septic tank back up and odor prevention. What more?

Bioflush contains billions of enzyme-producing bacteria.

These ensure that waste is properly and speedily broken down within the shortest time possible. More important is the fact that this cleaning product helps extend the lifespan of your septic tank.

Bioflush comes in pre-measured packs which can be dropped in sinks and toilets followed by immediate flushing.

  • Septic Shock

If you have an under-performing or clogged septic tank, Septic Shock is one product that gives you the solutions you need to these problems. As the name implies, this product reinvigorates not only your septic tank but also the entire system.

Containing millions of bacteria, Septic shock helps breakdown or digest grease and other septic-clogging matter. What more? It’s formulated to provide quick results and also ends foul odors coming from your septic tank or any part of the system.

Using Septic Shock for septic tank cleaning is quite easy! All you need to do is to measure and pour 2 liters into the toilet and flush.

  • BioActive

For persons dealing with septic system issues, there’s a high possibility that such problems originated from the septic tank. One such issue has to do with the unnecessary buildup of sludge which may be floating on the surface or settled at the bottom of your septic tank.

BioActive helps with the liquefaction or breakdown of such solids, thus preventing the possibility of having a clogged drain field. When ignored, a clogged drain field is likely to result in back pressure which leads to a backup.

This septic tank cleaning product also helps maintain the healthy bacteria present in your septic tank.

So, how often should BioActive be used? The product manufacturers recommend a monthly application for the best results. BioActive also comes with detailed use instructions you can easily follow.

  • Green Gobbler

When seeking for septic tank cleaner with far-reaching effects, Green Gobbler is the name to trust. This septic tank cleaning product provides multiple solutions such as the elimination of odors, the prevention of backup as well as saving you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Green Gobbler can be used in a wide range of situations including household, commercial, and RV (mobile homes) use. Using Green Gobbler isn’t difficult. You only need to drop and flush each month to have benefited from its cleaning and maintenance effect on your septic tank.

  • Eco Clean

During periods of heavy use, Eco Clean is a trusted septic tank cleaning product to consider. This environmentally friendly product is bio-degradable and is ideal for a variety of toilets and holding tanks.

Eco Clean helps extend the lifespan of your septic tank by breaking down floating solids and also treating effluent more effectively through the introduction of enzyme-producing bacteria. By encouraging the improved and accelerated breakdown of sewage, this cleaning product keeps your septic tank in great condition.

  • Bio-Zone

Bio-Zone is the ideal septic tank cleaner for persons seeking non-toxic solutions to their septic tank issues.

Bio-Zone can be used in all conditions (that is, both anaerobic and aerobic septic tank cleaning). When applied or introduced into the tank through the toilet or sink, it gets into the tank and liquefies sludge.

It doesn’t matter if there’s a lot of sludge, grease, or clogging. This septic tank cleaner helps restore your tank’s optimal working condition. This goes a long way in prolonging the working condition of your tank.

The product manufacturer also boasts about its Bio-Zone’s zero chemical content.

Rid-X is a trusted companion when it seeking to break down organic materials clogging your septic tank. What more? This septic tank cleaner is environmentally safe while also extending the life of your tank. For best use, Rid-X should be used monthly.

All you need to do to get started is to pour it down your toilet and flush it. You won’t need to do any other thing. This gets into your tank and begins to breakdown clogs and floating solids hence liquefying them to flow freely. Not only is your septic tank kept clog-free but also the functioning of the entire system is enhanced.

These are only a few of several septic tank cleaning products you can trust for easy and effective maintenance of your septic tank.

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