10 Best Septic Tank Cleaning & Maintenance Products

We’ll be focusing more on septic tank maintenance with a special focus on cleaning products. There are lots of available products today in the market that you can make your pick from.

Homeowners with septic systems understand the critical role septic tanks play in waste treatment. This holding tank comes in various shapes, types, and sizes.

More important is the fact that it needs to be maintained alongside other parts of the system.

In this article, we’ve helped you narrow down to some of the most popular and effective cleaning products you can get. To have an idea what these products are, they include root killer, oil & grease separators, septic shock, bioflush, and a host of others.

Without further waste of your time, let’s begin by taking a look at what these products are.

10 Products For Septic Tank Cleaning And Maintenance

Ordinarily, we won’t be able to list every septic tank cleaning and maintenance product available in the market.

This is apart from natural or homemade cleaners that are also effective. So, we’ve only picked a few of these from lots of products to consider.

They include the following;

  • Root Killer

Root killer products are designed as a response to root presence in septic tanks.

Roots are known to be a menace as they penetrate cracks to gain access to effluent which is rich in nitrates and phosphorus. These hold lots of nutrients that roots tap from.

With root killer, the growth of these roots is checkmated. The many issues caused by root presence such as septic backups among other things are gotten rid of with root killer products.

Once this product comes in contact with water, it foams to fill the entire space with the root killing agent.

In most cases, the root killing agent is dichlobenil. However invasive such roots are, root killing products are equal to the task. These are destroyed within a short period of time.

  • Oil & Grease Separators

All sorts of fats, oils, and grease have been known to find their way into septic tanks through drains.

These could be from kitchen sinks, garages, car washes, and so on. When they get into your tanks in large quantities, they form a thick scum layer which isn’t good for the system.

Oil and grease separators are a response to these oil problems. Just like the name indicates, they help keep out or intercept all sorts of oils and grease before they reach your septic tank.

By installing one in your system, you get to trap as much of these oils and grease as possible.

  • Bioflush

If you’re more concerned with using natural or environmentally safe septic tank cleaning products, then Bioflush will serve your needs. Not only does it help keep septic tanks in good working condition, but it also positively impacts their lifespan.

Common issues such as septic odor and backup are eliminated.

The best part is, Bioflush contains enzyme-producing bacteria that improve waste treatment. You’d find this product in pre-measured packs that make it easy to apply. These only need to be dropped down your drains and flushed.

  • Green Gobbler

Green Gobbler is yet another septic tank cleaning and maintenance product you can trust.

With its frequent use, you are saved lots of repair costs resulting from a malfunctioning septic tank. Green Gobbler helps solve some of the most common septic tank issues including odor elimination and backup prevention.

What more? This product applies to a wide range of septic treatment situations include mobile homes and households among others.

It is designed for monthly applications and comes in smaller packs which are dropped and flushed.

  • Bio-Zone

Bio-Zone is a septic friendly cleaning and maintenance product that’s engineered to improve your tank’s lifespan and condition. More importantly, it’s non-toxic and encourages bacterial action.

It’s ideal for both aerobic and anaerobic septic tank use.

To apply to your tank, you only need to use available channels such as through your sinks or toilet. Bio-Zone is the perfect fit for septic tanks having a lot of sludge and clogging issues. It gets in and liquefies them in no time.

  • Doctor Drain

This septic tank cleaning and maintenance product comes in powdered form. Apart from helping to clean your tank, Doctor Drain also eliminates foul septic odors and resolves backup issues within a short period of time.

Like all the products being discussed, its efficiency depends on how well it’s applied. You only need to stick to the use of instructions that accompany the product.

Doctor Drain comes in packs that are periodically emptied into drains and flushed.

  • Septic Shock

As the condition of a septic tank deteriorates, it brings up a lot of issues including clogs among others.

These can be resolved by applying an appropriate cleaning product like Septic Shock. It reinvigorates the system and restores your tank to normal functioning.

The good thing with Septic Shock is that the entire system benefits. The introduction of bacteria serves to further improve bacterial action on waste. As such, there’s a faster breakdown of waste which impacts the system positively.

  • BioActive

Quite a significant amount of septic system issues being faced are due to underperforming septic tanks. This is seen when there’s an unhealthy volume of sludge. With BioActive, this problem is adequately resolved.

Excess sludge buildup is eliminated through liquefaction. All you need to do is apply monthly as instructed to improve your septic tank’s condition.

  • Eco Clean

Eco clean is one product that treats both floating solids and effluent in septic tanks.

When poured down your drain, this product introduces enzyme-producing bacteria that go into your septic tank to improve bacterial action.

  • Rid-X

Another environmentally-safe septic tank cleaning product is Rid-X. It helps keep your tank in optimal functioning condition by breaking down floating solids and clogs.

All recurring issues of clogs should be fully resolved through its use.

Use Of These Products Isn’t Enough

While the use of these products provides relief from lots of septic issues, it doesn’t replace the need to have your septic tank pumped and cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

Septic tank inspection should also be scheduled yearly as a way to keep the system in perfect working condition.

The septic tank cleaning and maintenance products mentioned above are some of the best you’ll find. There are lots of other good ones we’ve not included here for want of time and space. However, these should serve your needs quite effectively.

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