Looking for affordable septic care products and appropriate supplies to maintain the system? We’ll discuss what you should.

One of the ways to extend the lifespan of a septic tank is by carrying out maintenance services. Such services are necessary as they help prevent problems that may arise from a variety of factors.

Septic tank care and maintenance products and supplies are always available in the market.

You’ll need to know what these (products) are and what they’re used for. This is what we’ll be dwelling on here. As you read on, you’ll find the various care and maintenance products for septic tanks you can use.

Some of the products here are meant for professional use. In other words, these septic tank care supplies are best handled by professionals.

Why You Need Septic Tank Care and Maintenance

The obvious reason for needing maintenance services for your septic tank is to extend its lifespan. However, there are several more vital reasons for septic tank care and maintenance.

These include preventing costly repairs, eliminating septic odors, and liquefying septic solids among others.

Categories of Septic Care Products

Septic tank care and maintenance products fall under multiple categories. These range from oil and grease separators, septic dechlorination tablets, chlorine table feeders, and bacteria & additives. Others include root killers and sludge sampler.

Now, it’s important to note that for each category, there are tons of products available.

We’ll begin right away by focusing on each of these categories to provide you with all the information you seek.

  • Oil and Grease Separators

Septic tanks, especially those installed in restaurants can be overwhelmed by a significant amount of oils resulting from food preparation. Such can result in the release of untreated sewage which in turn is dangerous.

To prevent this from happening, oil and grease separators are installed to limit the amount of oil and grease getting into the septic tank. These products are also called grease interceptors.

A popular product brand is the Poly Oil & Grease Separator which comes with a 100 gallon installed capacity. It starts at $799.00.

  • Septic Chlorine Tablets

When it comes to disinfecting effluent or wastewater from septic tanks, chlorine tablets serve this purpose. As part of the septic treatment process before it leaves to the drain field, wastewater or effluent will need to pass through a chamber containing chlorine tablets.

This helps kill off any remaining harmful bacteria.

Septic chlorine tablets come in different brands, volume, and price range. A few of these include Pro-Chlor 6-Pack of 2lb pails of septic chlorine tablets starting at $90. Others include Blue Crystal 10lb pail of Chlorine Disinfecting tablets starting from $125 and Bio-Sanitizer 45lb Pail starting from $229.

  • Chlorine Tablet Feeders

Having discussed the effects of chlorine tablets in a septic tank, it’s necessary to discuss how these are applied. For chlorine tablets to be fed into a septic tank, a tablet feeder is needed. This is among the maintenance products needed for proper care of a septic tank.

This tool is a part of the septic system with a pipe that connects to the tank and is accessible outside. Here, chlorine tablets are dropped in a receptacle for onward delivery into the tank. Chlorine tablet feeders come in multiple brands and types.

Some of these include Enviro-Flow Chlorine Tablet Feeder starting at $80 and Norweco Bio-Dynamic Chlorinator at $318. These feeders can be classified into the LF Series, IT Series, and XT Series, etc.

  • Bacteria & Additives

Sometimes, septic tanks will need a boost of bacteria to help with the breakdown of waste. This means such bacterium depletes over time (especially with improper use of the septic system) and will need to be replenished.

Now, there are both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria suitable for either anaerobic or aerobic septic tanks. In simple terms, anaerobic bacteria do not require oxygen to survive. The opposite applies to aerobic bacteria.

Varieties of bacteria and additive products for septic tanks are available. Some of them include Septic Klean III Anaerobic Bacteria starting at $65, K-37 Liquid Septic System Treatment at $19.95, and Bio-Gem Organic Digester at $159, etc.

  • Root Killers

One of the easiest ways to avoid costly repairs associated with the incursion of roots into a septic tank is by applying root killers. As the name implies, it kills off invasive tree roots, thus preventing clogs associated with root growth before it happens.

This septic care and maintenance products are available in several brands. A few products include ZEP 32 Root Kill, Roebic K-77 Root Killer, and Root Reach among others. With these poured into the septic system, your septic tank should safe from all unwanted growth and penetration by tough tree roots.

  • Sludge Samplers

To know if a septic tank needs to be pumped or not, an important tool known as the sludge sample is needed. This takes the sample of wastewater for core sampling. It shows the condition of wastewater within the tank concerning sludge, thus indicating if it’s (your septic tank) is due for pumping or not.

As expected, sludge samplers come in varying brands and types. However, all perform similar functions. Examples include the Trucore Sludge Sampler, Septic Checker, Sludge Judge Sampler among several others.

These tools help in the analysis of the contents of septic tanks, thereby determining if pumping is due or not. Not that, for septic tanks to be well maintained, they must be pumped out when due.

This tool helps you determine if it is due or not.

What Else?

No doubt maintaining your septic tank helps prolong its lifespan. However, the care and maintenance of the septic tank go beyond focusing on the tank alone. The tank is only a part of the system. Hence, you’ll need to take care of the whole system.

This system consists of the drain field or leach field, a deliver pipe from the home, and the soil which contains microbes that help with breaking down and removing contaminants from wastewater before it reaches the groundwater.

All of these will need to be well maintained for the optimal performance of your septic tank.

These are septic tank care and maintenance products to choose from. We’ve also seen that there are lots of products available. You’ll need to choose your preferred products or what serves your needs best.